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Welcome To Lisbon

Bom dia! Lisbon is seriously one of my absolute favourite cities ever. It's just oozing with charm and has such a strong "let's get lost" vibe going on. You've got this great mix of old-school  and modern touches that give it that classic European feel.

And let me tell you, Lisbon is not short on things to do. From checking out its cool old buildings to hitting up the wild nightlife and trying out all the tasty food, there's never a dull moment. You can wander around the cobblestone streets, soak up the city vibes, or hop on a quick trip to see some mystical hills or hit the sandy beaches nearby.

Oh, and another thing – Lisbon is super safe, especially for solo travellers. Plus, it's like a digital nomad paradise, seriously. If you're anything like me, you're gonna love it here.

I get it though, trying to fit all this stuff into one trip can be a bit overwhelming. So, to make things easier, I've marked my personal faves with a ★ to help you out. Enjoy planning your trip!

Memorable Things To Do In Lisbon

1. Grab a Pastel de Nata Wherever You Go

The traditional Portuguese Pastel De Nata is arguably the best pastry I have ever had. A Pastel de Nata is a simple custard tart which you eat with a sprinkle of cinnamon -- tasting like a gift straight from the heavens.

When you're in Portugal, make sure you eat at least one a day. For a great Pastel De Nata, I recommend grabbing one from Manteigaria.

Pastel De Nata at Manteigaria in Lisbon, Portugal

2. Experience the Exciting Nightlife of Barrio Alto

There's nothing quite like partying in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. The vibrant streets, the delicious food and drink, and the lively atmosphere make it an unforgettable evening. Barrio Alto is quite grungy & hip, which adds to its unique vibe. Grab a drink there and see where the night takes you!

The Lisbon Pub Crawl

Recommended Experience

For an insane time, definitely sign up for the The Lisbon Pub Crawl - it's arguably been one of the best pub crawls I've been on!

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3. Cross the Epic Vasco da Gama Bridge

We've all heard about Vasco da Gama's epic journey around the globe, right? Well, as travellers, it feels kinda fitting to pay a little tribute to him by checking out this gorgeous structure named after him.

4. Enjoy a Tasting Menu and Live Music at Minibar

Kick off your weekend in Lisbon at Minibar with some amazing Portuguese cuisine and serene live music. Make sure you get a reservation here in advance since it's usually booked out. Here's Minibar's Instagram page if you're looking for it.

Tasting Menu and Cocktails at Minibar in Lisbon, Portugal

5. Bar Hop in Cais de Sodre

Cais do Sodré is the place to be for nightlife, with its buzzing bars, clubs, and restaurants. The parties here are absolutely pumping, and you'll find people spilling out onto the streets at all sorts of crazy hours.

6. Discover the Intimate World of Fado Music

When you're in Lisbon, don't miss out on experiencing Fado, the traditional Portuguese music that's all about those melancholic vibes. It's all about nostalgia and longing, and it's seriously beautiful. Make sure to book yourself a dinner and Fado experience while you're in town. It's a must-do!

7. Explore the World of Food at Timeout Market

Alright, so here's the scoop on the Timeout Market. Locals might turn up their noses at it, but let me tell you, it's a hot spot for grabbing some seriously top-notch Portuguese grub. Sure, it's not exactly your off-the-beaten-path, local joint, but man, the food here is delicious!

Check out Timeout Market Lisboa's Instagram here!

8. Wander the Charming Streets of Alfama

Alfama, with its signature orange and white hues, is hands down one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Portugal! Take a leisurely stroll through its charming streets on a lazy afternoon and soak in all the beautiful scenery and vibes. It's like stepping into a postcard!

Alfama in Lisbon, Portugal

9. Catch a Birds Eye View From a Miradouro

Lisbon is scattered with scenic vantage points throughout the city known as Miradouros. You're definitely gonna stumble upon a few of these while you're out and about exploring Lisbon. Trust me, they offer some killer views so spend some time here and take it all in.

10. Explore the Hipster Hotspot LX Factory

LX Factory is like this super cool creative hub in Lisbon jam-packed with cafes, galleries, hostels, co-working spaces, you name it! Seriously, it's got everything. Spending an afternoon here is an absolute blast.

LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal

11. Sample the Delicious Grilled Sardines at a Taberna

When you're in Lisbon, you've gotta hit up a local taberna and get yourself some sardines. Trust me, they're super fresh, crazy cheap, and seriously massive! It's the ultimate local experience, 100%.

Grilled Sardines in a Taberna in Lisbon, Portugal

12. Take a Sip of the Famous Ginjinha Sem Rival

Ginjinha Sem Rival is this traditional Portuguese liqueur crafted from sour cherries, sugar, and a little kick of alcohol. It's got this sweet and sour taste and and you can get it from local street vendors for just €1. Talk about a steal!

13. Visit Oceanário, the Largest Aquarium in Europe

If you're keen on diving into the world of marine life in a fun and interactive way, the Oceanário is a must-visit spot. It's just adorable! And hey, right outside the Oceanarium, you've got this awesome cable car ride with some seriously stunning views of the city. It's the perfect combo for a fun day out!

Here's Oceanário's website if you need more info on tickets and schedules.

14. Grab Sunday Brunch at Zenith

Zenith is a trendy restaurant serving all-day brunch & cocktails in a modern setting with exposed bricks. The locals love it, and I can vouch for the delicious food.

Check Zenith's website out here to see what they have to offer!

15. Visit the Stunning Jerónimos Monastery

The Jerónimos Monastery is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the most important monuments in Portugal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its stunning architecture, ornate interior, and rich history make it a fascinating place to explore.

Jéronimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal

16. Try the Seafood at Ramiro

Ramiro is a popular seafood restaurant located in Lisbon, Portugal. The restaurant is renowned for its traditional Portuguese dishes, such as grilled sardines and caldeirada de peixe (fish stew). It has been serving hungry customers since 1934 and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

17. Visit the Iconic Belem Tower

The Belem Tower was one of my favourite spots in Lisbon. It's just a beautiful castle in the sand overlooking the water. I spent a good hour sitting by the park here reading a book and listening to local musicians play their tunes with the view of Belem Tower in the backdrop.

Belem Tower in Lisbon, Portugal

18. Eat The Original Pastel De Nata at Patesserie de Belem

While you're in Belém, you absolutely cannot miss strolling over to Patesserie de Belém for their legendary Pastel de Nata. Rumour has it, this place is where the iconic pastry was born. It's like a pilgrimage site for us Pastel worshippers, seriously!

19. Sample Abade Pricos Pudding

Abade Pricos Pudding is a traditional Portuguese pudding made with eggs, sugar, milk, lemon, cinnamon, and breadcrumbs. It is a creamy, sweet and tart dessert that is often served for special occasions. Try one if you get the chance!

20. Visit the Church of St. Dominic

This church is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture and is home to some impressive artworks and artifacts. Inside, visitors can admire the elaborate frescoes, beautiful stained glass, and ornate sculptures. The church also has a crypt beneath it where some of Portugal’s famous rulers are buried.

21. Dine at the Authentic Cantinho do Aziz

Cantinho do Aziz is a popular restaurant that serves up traditional Portuguese cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and the staff is friendly. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. The restaurant also offers a great selection of Portuguese wines.

22. Visit the Iconic Cafe A Brasileira at Baixa Chiado Square

Cafe A Brasileira is one of the oldest cafes in Lisbon and offers a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes. The cafe is known for its atmosphere, as it has been frequented by some of the most famous Portuguese authors, poets, and intellectuals over the years.

When you're in Lisbon, you will be visiting Baixa Chiado Square at some point. Find this iconic cafe and grab a Pastel and a coffee here -- it's right there!

23. Enjoy a Sunset on the Tagus River

I'm a sucker for a cheesy sunset -- and this is one of the best sunset experiences you can find in Lisbon. You could get tickets to a sunset cruise experience to make this a more memorable experience. It'll be worth it!

24. Spend a Day at the Beach in Cascais

Cascais is a scenic sister city to Lisbon that's only an hour away. This quaint coastal town is located just outside of Lisbon and offers plenty of activities and attractions for visitors, especially known for its beach!

25. Take a Day Trip to Sintra

If you have a spare day, I wholeheartedly recommend a day trip to Sintra. This enchanting town is renowned for its lush greenery, majestic castles, and mystical atmosphere. Catch a train from Lisbon to Sintra and aim to arrive by lunchtime. Once there, indulge in a meal before ascending the hill to visit the vibrant Pena Palace, where you can marvel at the breathtaking views from its summit.

Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal

If you're interested, here are some tours of Sintra you can book via GetYourGuide:

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26. Watch The Sunset at Cabo da Roca

Following your visit to Pena Palace, arrange for a taxi to take you to Cabo da Roca, approximately an hour away. Cabo da Roca proved to be one of the standout experiences of my Portugal journey. Situated as the westernmost point of mainland Europe, it offers the most sublime sunset vistas. As you witness the sun sink beyond the cliffs, you find yourself gazing across endless miles of open expanse, extending all the way to the distant shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cabo da Roca in Portugal

Looking To Book Activities In Lisbon?

If you're interested in some of the most popular activities for travellers in Lisbon, check out some of these tours offered through GetYourGuide:

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And That's A Wrap

Lisbon truly stands as a testament to the captivating beauty of Portugal! With its hilly cobblestone streets leading to charming neighbourhoods and its vibrant nightlife, there's a piece of this city for everyone to hold close. As you explore this beautiful city, indulge in its delicious dishes, and experience its culture, you'll discover that Lisbon is more than a destination - it's an enchanting story just waiting to be written!

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