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Are you looking to save money on your next Airbnb booking? Well, here’s a trick that might help you out. I have saved hundreds of dollars on Airbnb bookings using this simple money-saving travel hack.

I’m going to jump straight into it. Here’s the travel hack:

Before you book an Airbnb, directly contact the host and request a discount on the property using the template provided below.

This message doesn’t always work, but it only takes 2 minutes to send and can help you save money on all your future Airbnb bookings. Here’s how to do it:

1. Identify a property you like on Airbnb. Do not book it yet.

2. Scroll down to the host’s profile and click on the "Contact Host" button.

3. Customize the message template below and send it out to your host.

Airbnb Discount Message Template

Hi [Host Name],

I'm looking to stay for [X] nights in [City]. I'm a traveller on a budget, and I have 100% positive Airbnb reviews across 15+ stays. I don't plan on making any noise or creating a mess during my stay. I hope to experience your city's culture and work on some creative projects on my laptop during my stay.

I really like your place, however, it is slightly out of my budget of [$Y/night]. Would it be possible for you to give me a 15% discount on your listing? I will book immediately if you allow me to do so. Please consider my request.

Thank you,


Make Your Case Stronger For A Special Offer

To strengthen your case, you can call out a legitimate point of concern you notice such as:

  • “Since your place has less than 3 reviews, would it be possible to give me a 15% discount?”
  • “Since your place has had recent complaints about nearby construction noise, would it be possible to give me a 15% discount?”

You can also mention something special about your upcoming travel plans so that your host’s potential discount could help make you stay memorable:

  • “I’m going to be travelling to Athens for the first time and I’d love to use your property as my home away from home to explore the city.”
  • “I will be visiting Hanoi to celebrate my birthday with 2 close friends.”

Another way to strengthen your case is to find something in common with your host from their host bio and include that in your message to be more relatable.

  • “Hi [Host Name], my name’s Niv and just like you I’m a fellow hiking enthusiast!”

I've Sent The Message. What Next?

If your host accepts your request, they will send you a special offer link in your Airbnb DMs. You can go ahead and book the property with the agreed discounted rate.

Why This Discount Message Template Works

This message template has a chance of working because you position yourself as the ideal guest:

  • You show your appreciation for the property because you’re going out of your way to book it.
  • You mention you have good reviews. It highlights that you’re trustworthy which reduces the risk of a bad guest for the host.
  • You mention you’re not noisy or messy. That’s every host’s dream guest.
  • You mention your exact budget and the discount you desire. This shows the host you have a plan and you’re responsible.
  • You make a promise to immediately book if the discount is given, guaranteeing income for the host (which is helpful in slow season).

And That’s A Wrap!

This technique may not work all the time, but it’s worth trying because it’s a big money saver that only takes a few extra minutes of your time. It’s especially useful when you’re strongly considering multiple Airbnb properties and you can’t decide between them. In such a scenario, you can send the respective hosts this message and book with the host who offers you the better deal.

Keep in mind that this template is unlikely to get you a discount if you’re going to an extremely touristy city and booking an Airbnb with a lot of excellent reviews. However, if you’re travelling off-season or booking a newly listed property, you’re more likely to get a discount.

So why not give it a try and see if you can save some money on your next Airbnb booking? Happy travels!