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  • Quench That Thirst & Get A Buzz
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Welcome To Porto’s Gastronomy Scene

Porto is truly a delicious city of taste! Though Portugal is renowned for its exceptional flavours, Porto’s vibrant foodie subculture hits the bullseye. Porto’s palette ranges from famous wines to succulent seafood to the intriguing local delicacy Francesinha.

Read on below to add some dishes, pastries, drinks, restaurants, and cafes to your Porto bucket list — you’re bound to have a mouthwatering time in Porto!

If you'd like to learn more about what Porto offers as a destination before delving into its flavours, take a look at my Porto Travel Guide first.

Local Dishes Of Porto


Francesinha is a special guilty pleasure local food of Porto. It's a breaded meat sandwich that's served in a bowl of gravy. Yes, you heard right: it’s a sandwhich that is submerged in gravy.

Francesinha at Francesinhas Al Forno da Baixa in Porto, Portugal

People who try a francesinha usually have some strong opinions about it — some embrace it wholeheartedly while others despise it. However, it’s something you must try when you’re here for truly authentic local experience!

Admittedly, I didn’t love it, but I can see why people can rally behind this quirky sandwich. But I can appreciate all the noise around it so I’ll let you be the real judge of this one.

Seafood Seafood Seafood

Thanks to its coastal location, Porto boasts some of the finest seafood you'll find anywhere. When it comes to iconic oceanic flavours, this city truly delivers.

My personal top pick for seafood in Portugal is the classic octopus & rice. The combination of flavours and textures in this dish is simply outstanding.

Octopus Rice with a Porto Tonico in Porto, Portugal

For some amazing seafood, you should pay a visit to Matosinhos Beach and Afurada, a magical fisherman's village. These spots are renowned for serving some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the city.


Portuguese pastry shops, locally known as pastelarias, are a true delight known far and wide. Portugal has a rich culture for its pastries and you’re bound to find pastry shops almost around every corner.

For an exceptional pastry experience in Porto, a visit to Pastry Ribeiro is a must. Meanwhile, if you happen to be in Gaia, don't miss out on the highly recommended Pastelaria Soares.

Some of Portugal’s famous pastries include sweet bean tarts known as pastel de feijão and sweet buns known as pão de deus. And then, reigning supreme over them all, is the celebrated Pastel de Nata, the queen of Portuguese pastries.

Pastel de Nata

The traditional Portuguese Pastel de Nata is arguably the best pastry I have ever had around the world. Ever. I consider Pastel de Nata as a gift from the heavens.

The Pastel de Nata is a simple custard tart that is best served with a sprinkle of cinnamon. In spirit, it is a gift from the heavens. When you're in Porto, make sure you eat at least one a day. It’s an unsaid rule.

Pastel De Nata from Manteigaria in Porto, Portugal

For a great Pastel de Nata, I recommend grabbing one from Manteigaria in central Porto.

Bifana Sandwiches

Bifanas are like the real deal when it comes to Portuguese pork sandwiches. Imagine this: thin marinaded pork slices served up on cozy bread rolls, partnered with a generous smear of mustard and a sassy piri-piri sauce.

You'll find these bifana sandwiches scattered all over Portugal, each with its own twist because, you know, iconic recipes are like personal signatures.

For some primo Bifanas in the city, the locals give the nod to Conga as their favourite.

Quench That Thirst & Get A Buzz

Try a Porto Tonico

A Porto Tonico is a classic Porto cocktail that’s a mix of white port wine and tonic. It’s so refreshing and delicious. Porto Tonico was 100% my go-to cocktail during my week spent in Porto.

Port Wine Tasting by The River

Let me tell you about port wine, also known as "port." It's a special type of fortified wine that comes from the beautiful Douro Valley in northern Portugal. What makes it stand out is its deliciously rich and sweet flavor, along with a bit of a higher alcohol content.

People love to enjoy port wine as a dessert treat, and it's a perfect match with cheeses, chocolates, and even nuts. Beyond that, it's woven into the fabric of Portuguese culture, showing up in all sorts of dishes and cocktails. It's like a sip of Portugal's charm and flavor in every glass!

Walk across the Porto Ribeira to find some age-old port wine cellars that offer port wine-tasting experiences. Porto is known for port wine so you must do this. It’s an essential part of the Porto experience.

Port Wine Tasting at Porto Cruz in Gaia, Portugal

Port Wine Tasting at Espaço Porto Cruz

Recommended Experience

For the perfect introduction to Porto's famous port wine, I highly recommend this wine tasting experience at Espaço Porto Cruz! Tried & tested, I had a great time sipping these wines by the riverside.

🍷 Port Wine Tasting: Book It Today!


With whatever meal you’re having, remember to get some wine with it. Porto is known for wines of all kinds, not just port wines. There are plenty of amazing wines from the Douro Valley served by restaurants around the city.

If you have time for a day trip, consider taking a tour of the Douro Valley to see how these wines are made. There are a handful of wine tours available every single day through GetYourGuide.

Restaurants in Porto


Tascö in Porto, Portugal

No matter where you go, the food in Porto will leave a mark! However, Tasco was the one that left the strongest mark for me. Tasco is a wonderful restaurant in Porto serving up some of the most delicious Portuguese fusion food. If there’s one restaurant you must try in Porto, it’s this one.

This spot’s busy so make sure you get a reservation!

🍴 Tascö


Zenith in Porto, Portugal

Zenith is a beloved local brunch spot originated in Porto. People loved this location so much that Zenith has since opened 3 more locations in Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona. I’ve been to Zenith and I can vouch for how good the food is!

🍴 Zenith

Museu d'Avó

Locals hold Museu da Avo in high regard, thanks to its delectable small dishes and authentic Portuguese tapas. The ambiance is fantastic, and the intriguing variety of food selections adds to the experience. Plus, it offers excellent value for the quality you receive.

🍴 Museu d'Avó

Concept 31

Concept 31 in Porto, Portugal

Discover this charming Portuguese restaurant that starts serving at 5pm. The food here is as fresh as can be, featuring delightful local dishes from Portugal. My personal choice was the squid ink pasta adorned with succulent tiger shrimp. To complement the flavors, I went for a refreshing glass of crisp white wine. The experience was nothing short of divine!

🍴 Concept 31

Flor de Bragança

Experience authentic traditional cuisine at Flor de Bragança. With a variety of tempting dishes including tender octopus, flavorful codfish, and rich feijoada, this restaurant embodies culinary excellence while providing a glimpse into cherished culinary traditions.

🍴 Flor de Bragança


Vagas in Porto, Portugal

Vagas is a chill beachside restaurant in Matosinhos! After a great surf session at the beach, I treated myself to a satisfying post-surf meal that was both hearty and delicious. This establishment truly shines as an solid beachside pick.

🍴 Vagas

Tito 2

Allow me to introduce another gem in Matosinhos! This restaurant exudes a local and homestyle charm, offering the freshest seafood in the area.

🍴 Tito 2

Cafes in Porto

Nicolau Porto

Nicolau is a charming and delightful cafe that's perfect for socializing with friends or tackling some work tasks. It truly checks all the boxes of a great cafe experience!

☕️ Nicolau Porto

Cafe Vitoria

Cafe Vitoria is a stylish and modern cafe with a welcoming vibe. It's an ideal spot for enjoying an afternoon coffee or grabbing a drink as the sun sets.

☕️ Cafe Vitoria

And That's A Wrap

Exploring Porto's gastronomy scene has been a delightful journey! From unique dishes like Francesinha to the beloved Pastel de Nata, the city's flavors showcase tradition and creativity. The seafood, influenced by its coastal location, is a highlight, and the Porto Tonico cocktail offers a refreshing twist. This culinary exploration has truly captured the essence of Porto's vibrant food culture and will surely leave a lasting impression.

I hope you enjoy the taste of Porto!

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